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While peppers have been around for thousands of years, we are constantly learning more about them and their firey constituents, the capsaicinoids. Recent research has furthered our understanding of the effects of the capsaicinoids at a cellular and molecular level, and the medical establishment continues to find uses for these compounds. Additionally, inventors have found (and profited from) a wide variety of other uses for peppers and pepper derivatives.

Being a chemical engineer by training, it is not surprising that my interest in chile peppers extends beyond growing them, and burning myself silly with them, to the technical aspects of the chile. This section will eventually comprise the majority of the site, as I intend to provide my findings in detail. Hopefully, I will do so in a clear enough manner that even a casual, non-technical reader will come away with a better understanding of (and appreciation for) nature's little hellfruit.

Pepper Chemistry Main Page

Overview of Major Capsaicinoids: 1 2 3 4 5

Overview of Minor Capsaicinoids: 1 2 3

Tech Topic: Serial Dilution

Tech Topic: Interatomic Bonding

Pepper-Related Patents: 1 2 3

Medical Uses of Capsaicin

Citation List: Technical Articles

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