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The 2005 Section and Photo Gallery are now up.

The peppers are outdoors! The 10 plants that remained in 16 oz. cups were transplanted to 6" clay pots and gradually moved outdoors in accordance with the Plan for 2005 on 9 May and 11 May (79 and 81 days). The first plant to flower was a Prairie Fire (60 days), followed by two Bermudas (68 and 70 days). The first plant to set fruit was a Bermuda (70 days). By 23 May (93 days), of 17 potted plants, 53% had flowered and 41% had set fruit, and of 12 plants in the square foot garden, 67% had flowered and 58% had set fruit. The Bermudas were by far the most advanced in terms of fruit size.

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About this site...
Mike's Pepper Garden  is a collection of information relating to chile peppers, including starting capsicum plants from seed, growing chile peppers in the garden and in containers, and canning and preserving chile peppers.

Each year's section contains information specific to that growing season, including seed and supplier information, specific plans for indoor germination and transplanting to the garden, and germination and growth data summaries for that crop of chile peppers. These sections of the site may also contain topical articles and planting calendars for a given season.

The Pepper Science section explores technical aspects of the chile pepper, including pepper chemistry, medical uses of pepper derivatives, and pepper-related US Patents.

A few pictures from this season...

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Ripe peppers on a Marble pepper plant at 21 weeks. 17 July 2005.
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Clusters of ripe Mirasol peppers on a plant overwintered from the 2004 season. 22 June 2005.
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For more pictures, visit the Photo Gallery.

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PLEASE NOTE: I do not sell capsaicin, oleoresin capsicum, or any other chemicals derived from chile peppers.

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