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Medical Uses of Capsaicin

As mentioned on the Pepper Science Main Page, there are a number of medical uses for peppers and capsaicinoids, and the list is continually growing. The intent of this page is to provide the Reader with representative examples of these applications in order to illustrate the wide range of benign uses that exist for our friend the chile pepper.

This page is currently under heavy construction- please pardon the dust. More content coming soon.

Removal of Intestinal Parasites:
In Section 22, Primitive Medicine, of ST 31-91B US Army Special Forces Medical Handbook (1 March 1982), chile peppers are listed as one method of controlling or eliminating infestations of intestinal parasites (Section 22-2-b-4). To wit:

(4) Hot peppers. Put peppers in soups, rice, meat dishes or eat them raw. This treatment is not effective unless peppers are made a steady part of the diet.

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