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While it does not seem to be common practice on the Web, I believe that citing one's references is appropriate and necessary when collecting information from disparate sources. Listing citations provides two benefits: it 'gives credit where credit is due', which is a cornerstone of intellectual property rights, and it allows the Readers to judge and/or verify the veracity of the information for themselves.

This page provides a list of the major references used in constructing this site, and is linked to throughout the site where footnotes are needed to clarify the source of a given bit of information. Minor references are typically noted directly in the text.

1: Chili-Heads Homepage: Indoor Growing Tips

2: Chili-Heads Homepage: General Growing Information

3: The Virtual Garden: Capsicum frutescens

4: NCSU Cooperative Extension: HIL-8021 Home Garden Pepper Production

5: Growing Chile Peppers (Graeme Caselton)

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12: DeWitt, Dave and Paul W. Bosland. Peppers of the World - An Identification Guide. Ten Speed Press. 1996.

13: Introduction to Plant Development. Farmer Cooperative Genome Project

14: Hupping, Carol et. al. Stocking Up. Third Edition. Fireside. 1990.

15: Climatography of the United States No. 20 (North Carolina) Monthly Station Climate Summaries for the 1971- 2000 period.


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