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This page is a repository of all of the raw information that I have gathered regarding various aspects of growing chile pepper plants. Citations are provided by the numbers in parenthesis preceding each of the notes; these numbers are linked to the appropriate section of the References page.

When to start seeds
Starting seeds
Early fertilization and watering
Indoor transplanting (re-potting)
When to transplant to garden
Garden preparation
Hardening plants
Transplanting to the garden
Ongoing fertilization
Basic pepper reproduction and genetics
Plant breeding
Saving Seed

When to start seeds:
Western Piedmont:
Coastal Plains:
Starting seeds: Lighting: Early fertilization and watering: Indoor transplanting (re-potting): When to transplant to garden: Garden preparation: Hardening plants: Transplanting to the garden: Ongoing fertilization: Basic pepper reproduction and genetics: Cross-pollination: Plant breeding: Saving seed:

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