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I believe that a few really good links are better than a ton of mediocre ones. All of the links on this page have been selected with this in mind. Each of these links has proven to be a good informational resource, and all of them are at least reasonably streamlined (I have little patience with slow, balky, or otherwise poorly-designed web sites).

If you haven't found what you're looking for on my site, you are almost certain to find it on one of the sites listed below.

Chile links

The Chili Pepper Institute (New Mexico State University)
Author's Comments: This is the official web site of New Mexico State University's Chili Pepper Institute. As befits a university web site, this site has a good bit of technical information. Most notable are two citation bibliographies: Paul W. Bosland's bibliography contains more than 7000 technical citations in 14 technical categories, and Dave DeWitt's bibliography has more than 1100 citations on non-technical aspects of the chile pepper. Both of these bibliographies are available for purchase, and the site provides an online keyword search of Paul Bosland's technical bibliography. If you are looking for journal articles on any technical aspect of chile peppers, look no further!

Graeme Caselton - U.K. Chile Head
Author's Comments: This is *the most comprehensive* web site on chiles that I've found. This site covers all things chile in-depth. Graeme's botanical information is particularly complete; the site has individual, detailed pages on each of the five capsicum species, including exhaustive lists of known subdivisions of each species. The highlight is Graeme's Database of the known varieties of Capsicum, which has to be the most inclusive listing of its type anywhere. If you are looking for information on *any* variety of capsicum, this is the place to start! The site also features a long list of chile seed suppliers in the US/Canada and the UK, and 714 (when I last visited) different recipes for chili.

The Ring of Fire
Author's Comments: This is the home of the Ring of Fire, which is a Chile Head webring. If you want to check out a variety of chile sites, then just jump into this ring.

General Gardening Links

The Agriculture Web Ring

GardenWeb Home Page

Herbal Gardens.Com

NCSU Horticulture Information Leaflets

The Weather Channel - Gardening

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