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The 2001 section of Mike's Pepper Garden contains information specific to the 2001 growing season, including seed and supplier information, specific plans for indoor germination and transplanting to the garden, and germination and growth data summaries for the Author's 2001 crop of chile peppers. This section of the site also contains topical articles and planting calendars for the 2001 season.

The 2001 crop was grown in the western Piedmont of North Carolina, north of Greensboro, at about 36o17' N, 79o52' W (agricultural zone 7) on an old homestead, within 100 yards of the original 150-year-old plantation house.

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A collection of fresh peppers from the 2001 season
Fatalii, Hot Lemon, Tepin, Thai Hot, Scotch Bonnet
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This Season's Varieties
Ancho/Poblano, Cubanelle, Fatalii, Hot Lemon Pepper, Jalapa, NuMex Big Jim, NuMex Twilight, Prairie Fire PVP, Scotch Bonnet, Thai Hot, Yellow Corno di Toro

That Old Tepin Plant
Mongrel Natural Hybrid
Planting by the Moon
About the Zodiac

Plans and Data
Plan for 2001
Seeds for 2001
Grower's Log for 2001
Harvest Data for 2001
Conclusions for 2001
Status Archive

Planting Calendars

Quick Statistics
First Plant Showing: five Jalapas, two Hot Lemon Peppers, 3 Mongrels, five NuMex Big Jims, one NuMex Twilight, one Thai Hot, and five Prairie Fires at 6 days
First Plant Standing: Hot Lemon Pepper at 6 days
Highest Germination Rate: Scotch Bonnet, Thai Hot, and Prairie Fire at 89%
Lowest Germination Rate: Ancho/Poblano at 20%
Overall Germination Rate: 64.6%
First plant to flower: Jalapa and Prairie Fire at 58 days
First plant to set fruit: Jalapa, Yellow Corno de Toro and Prairie Fire at 66 days
First ripe pepper: Jalapa, Cubanelle, and Yellow Corno de Toro at 96 days

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