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US Patent #5,674,496
Animal repellent

Inventors: Etscorn, Frank T.; Torres, Lorenzo
Date: Oct. 7, 1997
Assignee: New Mexico Tech Research Foundation
Abstract: A substance and method for minimizing or eliminating damage to objects caused by animals, especially gnawing and chewing rodents. A wide variety of objects and items can be protected by the practice of the invention. Methods are disclosed for extracting the active repellent ingredient from pepper plants, particularly habanero peppers, and for using the extract to treat the objects to be protected. Disclosed protective treatment methods include applying the extract directly to the item to be protected, and/or mixing the extract with caulks, paints, glues, or rubber coating materials.

US Patent #5,707,630
Herbal compound for relief of PMS through menopausal symptoms

Inventors: Morrow, Tim
Date: Jan. 13, 1998
Assignee: Sabina International, Ltd.
Abstract: The present invention is directed to an herbal compound which aids in the relief of symptoms caused by female hormonal imbalances. The herbal compound of the present invention preferably comprises red raspberry, bayberry, blue cohosh, capsicum, cascara sagrada, damiana, ginger, valerian and a binding agent. The ratio of red raspberry to the other herbal constituents is preferably two to one. The herbal compound preferably further comprises a binding agent which comprises cellulose, to hold the herbal components together, as well as vegetable powder, used as a food carrier so that the herbal compound can be safely and effectively taken on an empty stomach. The binding agent preferably also comprises ingredients to allow the herbal compound to dissolve in the stomach. In the preferred embodiment, the herbal compound and binding agents are formed as a tablet, with the exterior surface thereof coated with a food glaze.

US Patent #5,747,052
Aqueous composition to neutralize the irritating effect of capsaicin on eyes, skin and mucous membranes

Inventors: Mimikos, Andrew N.; Rizzo, Sam
Date: May 5, 1998
Assignee: Rizzo, Anthony
Abstract: An aqueous composition to neutralize the irritating effect of capsaicin on the eyes, skin and mucous membranes, comprised of an neutralizing amount of a C(x) H(2y) O(y) carbohydrate, where x and y are numbers and may be the same or different, a mild, nonirritating detergent to solubilize the capsaicin, an effective of amount of a pH adjustor to keep the pH in the range of from about 6.5 to 8, and the balance water.

US Patent #5,788,982
Method and composition for treating oral pain using capsaicin

Inventors: Nadoolman, Wolffe; Bartoshuk, Linda M.
Date: Aug. 4, 1998
Abstract: A vehicle useful for delivery of capsaicin that is convenient, and acceptable to patients, and which insures sufficient exposure to the capsaicin to produce desensitization is the subject of this invention. The applicants have developed a candy vehicle for the delivery of capsaicin. Candies containing 5-9 ppm capsaicin were made by adding cayenne pepper to a standard candy carrier recipes.

US Patent #5,879,696
Treated bird seed preferentially palatable to birds but not to animals

Inventors: Blumberg, Peter M.
Date: Mar. 9, 1999
Assignee: The United States of America as represented by the Department of Health and Human Services
Abstract: The present invention is directed to preparations of birdseed treated with capsaicin or capsaicin derivatives or analogues thereof in an amount sufficient to be unpalatable to animals having capsaicin sensitive receptors, and more specifically to mammals such as rodents. These "hot" compounds, extracts or whole plant material containing these compounds may be coated on, impregnated in or combined (e.g., mixed) with birdseed to repel troublesome mammals which recognize these compounds as "hot". These "hot" compounds, in contrast, will not repel birds because birds do not recognize these compounds as "hot" since they do not have capsaicin sensitive receptors. The invention is further directed to a method of selectively repelling animals having capsaicin sensitive receptors, which comprises feeding the treated birdseed of the invention to birds, in an amount effective for repelling animals having capsaicin sensitive receptors, thereby discouraging said animals from eating the treated birdseed.

Author's Note: This looks like a typical government patent- even the abstract is five times as big as it needs to be.

US Patent #5,885,597
Topical composition for the relief of pain

Inventors: Botknecht, Jonah; Fishman, Robert
Date: Mar. 23, 1999
Assignee: Medical Research Industries,Inc.
Abstract: Disclosed is a topical composition for relieving pain in a person in need of such relief, consisting essentially of an effective amount of a combination of at least one corticoid analgesic, at least one arylpropionic acid type analgesic, and at least one p-aminobenzoic acid ester type local anesthetic; an amount effective in enhancing the effectiveness in relieving pain of the combination of capsaicin, and an amount effective to increase the transmission thereof of through the skin of at least one phospholipid and at least one polyoxyethylenepolyoxypropylene copolymer.


Source: US Patent and Trademark Office

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