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US Patent #5,891,919
Denatonium capsaicinate and methods of producing the same

Inventors: Blum, Melvin; Roitberg, Michael
Date: Apr. 6, 1999
Assignee: Burlington Bio-Medical & Scientific Corp.
Abstract: A new compound, Denatonium Capsaicinate, and a method of producing the same are disclosed. Denatonium Capsaicinate provides an enhanced bitter and/or spicy, pungent flavor and may be used as an aversive agent, biocide, antifoulant and flavorant, for example. It is formed by reaction of a denatonium compound, Lidocaine or Lidocaine derivative with Capsaicin or a derivative thereof.

US Patent #5,893,371
Non-nicotine smoking cessation aid

Inventors: Rose, Jed E.; Behm, Frederique M.
Date: Apr. 13, 1999
Assignee: Duke University
Abstract: A non-nicotine method and apparatus for use to reduce the need to smoke tobacco and which utilizes one or more constituents from black pepper or red pepper which are introduced into the user's respiratory tract by inhalation from either a vapor delivery system or an aerosol delivery system. Subsequent to inhalation, the constituents from black pepper or red pepper create respiratory tract sensations similar to those created by tobacco smoke and thereby serve to reduce the need to smoke tobacco. The one or more constituents from black and/or red pepper include essential oils of black and/or red pepper as well as pepper irritants including capsaicin, piperine and phellandrene.

US Patent #5,935,586
Therapeutic/cosmetic compositions comprising CGRP antagonists for treating disease states of the skin

Inventors: De Lacharriere, Olivier; Breton, Lionel
Date: Aug. 10, 1999
Assignee: Societe L'Oreal S.A.
Abstract: Lichens, prurigos, pruriginous toxidermias and/or severe pruritus afflicting a mammalian, notably human patient, are therapeutically treated by administrating to such patient a therapeutically/cosmetically effective amount of at least one CGRP antagonist, advantageously in combinatory immixture with at least one antagonist of a neuropeptide other than CGRP, e.g., a substance P antagonist, and/or at least one inflammation mediator antagonist.

Author's Note: Capsaicin is a substance P antagonist.

Source: US Patent and Trademark Office

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