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Grower's Log for 1999

Starting seeds
Secondary growth
Repotting (Indoors)
Setting First Fruit

Starting seeds:

Type ID Code # Pots Date Planted
Jalapeno M A 8 30 Jan 1999
Serrano B 6 30 Jan 1999
Cayenne Long Thin C 7 30 Jan 1999
NuMex Joe Parker D 6 30 Jan 1999
Tabasco E 5 30 Jan 1999
ex-Soviet F 6 30 Jan 1999

Seeds were planted in accordance with the Plan for 1999 and were placed under a bank of three fluorescent lights in a warm room (average about 75 F). The lights were set 1" over the tops of the cups, and were on a 24 hour light cycle.

All seeds used were regularly formed and undamaged. Seeds packs purchased from Davis Plant and Seed Company contained exactly 25 seeds each, and no damaged or malformed seeds were found in any of the packets.


Type % Germinated Avg Days to Show Avg Days to Stand
Jalapeno M 95.8% 5.7 d 7.3 d
Serrano 88.9% 5.3 d 6.5 d
Cayenne Long Thin 76.2% 6.5 d 8.1 d
NuMex Joe Parker 66.7% 8.8 d 10.5 d
Tabasco 93.3% 6.3 d 7.5 d
ex-Soviet 100.0% 6.2 d 7.2 d


Type Average Days from Planting to Thinning
Jalapeno M 9 d
Serrano 11 d
Cayenne Long Thin 13 d
NuMex Joe Parker 13 d
Tabasco 12 d
ex-Soviet 9 d

Pots were thinned back to one plant each in accordance with the Plan for 1999. A given pot was thinned when at least two of the plants in the pot were at least 1 inch tall.

Secondary growth:

Type Average Days from Planting to Secondary Growth
Jalapeno M 11 d
Serrano 11 d
Cayenne Long Thin 11 d
NuMex Joe Parker 13 d
Tabasco 11 d
ex-Soviet 11 d

When a plant showed secondary growth (first true leaves) the pot was watered with 2 Tbsp of half-strength Miracle-Gro Quick Start (1/2 Tbsp in 8 oz). This started the fertilization schedule per Plan for 1999.

Repotting (Indoors):

Type Average Days from Planting to Repotting
Jalapeno M 23 d
Serrano 26 d
Cayenne Long Thin 31 d
NuMex Joe Parker 38 d
Tabasco 35 d
ex-Soviet 37 d

Plants were repotted into 16 ounce plastic cups in accordance with the Plan for 1999.


Type Average Days from Planting to Flowering
Jalapeno M 71 d
Serrano 91 d
Cayenne Long Thin 56 d
NuMex Joe Parker 72 d
Tabasco Data Unavailable
ex-Soviet 64 d


Of the 38 plants that were started, I transplanted 24 (4 of each type) and gave the rest away to good homes. Three of each type were planted in the garden, and one of each type was repotted into a 6" pot. Hardening, and then transplanting, was done in groups, starting with the largest plants.

Setting First Fruit:

Type Average Days to Set First Fruit
Jalapeno M 96 d
Serrano 102 d
Cayenne Long Thin 97 d
NuMex Joe Parker 81 d
Tabasco Data Unavailable
ex-Soviet 93 d

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