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Status Archive for 2001

20 May 2001
All the pepper plants have been transplanted to their final outdoor locations. Finalized data shows the best germination results came from Scotch Bonnet, Thai Hot, and Prairie Fire (all 89%). On average, Jalapa and Prairie Fire showed the fastest germination (6.4 days to show).

By the third week of May, some plants are flowering and some have even set fruit; most are budding. The first plants to flower were a Jalapa (A4) and a Prairie Fire (L3) at 58 days. The first plants to set fruit were a Jalapa (A4), a Corno di Toro (I2), and a Prairie Fire (L2) at 66 days. At 75 days, there are only two varieties for which all of the plants have set fruit: Jalapa and Prairie Fire.

18 March 2001
All seeds were started on 6 March in accordance with the Plan for 2001. At this point about 45% of the seeds have germinated, and at least one seed has germinated for each variety.

The first seeds to germinate were: Jalapa 5 seedlings, Hot Lemon Pepper 1 seedling, Mongrel 1 seedling, NuMex Big Jim 1 seedling, Prairie Fire 2 seedlings, all on the sixth day (12 March).

Thai Hot and Prairie Fire are tied for highest germination rate so far, at 78%, with Jalapa running a close third at 75%. NuMex Twilight is currently trailing the pack at 11% germination.

22 Feb 2001
All seeds are on hand. Gathering materials to construct heated box to hold the seed cups (see Conclusions for 2000) and materials to start seeds.

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