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Current Status: early November
We still have not gotten a good, hard frost in my part of the world, and the occasional lows in the mid 30s do not seem to have impacted any of the plants that are still outdoors except for the Scotch Bonnets. If we dodge the first killing frost for another two weeks (which should not be the case), I will get another harvest of full-sized peppers off of most of the plants that are still outdoors.

I am still harvesting periodically from all of the plants that are indoors for overwintering, and the indoor Bolivian Rainbow is *still* flowering. The Scotch Bonnet I had selected to overwinter has been over-run by swarms of aphids in the last couple of weeks; the ants outdoors generally keep aphid populations on my plants at a negligible level, and I did not notice that this plant had an aphid problem until the absence of the ants allowed a massive population explosion to occur. The upshot: the aphids get the plant but they have to sit outdoors and freeze while they eat it.

The other indoor plants are doing at least marginally better. The Tabasco plant has lost 80 - 90% of its leaves and is looking pretty rough; we will have to wait and see if it can make it through its second winter. Both the Bolivian Rainbow and the Tepin have lost few leaves and look very healthy.

Current Status: late October
We were forecasted to get our first frost in early October, and I brought in the four plants that I am going to overwinter this year (the Tabasco from last season, a Tepin (B3), a Bolivian Rainbow (G4), and a Scotch Bonnet (J2)). I also harvested all the peppers that were anywhere near mature on all of the plants. Of course, we didn't get any frost... and went into an amazing stretch of Indian summer. Weeks later, temperatures are still consistently higher than normal, and the pepper plants that are still outdoors haven't had much trouble dealing with the occasional cold night.

Many of the outdoor plants have produced another set of fruit, most of which is about halfway to mature size. All of the indoor plants still have peppers ripening on them, and the Scotch Bonnet is producing a new set of peppers that are about halfway to full size. The indoor plants are all under either normal incandescent grow light bulbs or normal incandescent light bulbs. The Tabasco has lost a number of leaves, but is still green and healthy-looking, and the three younger plants have dropped few (if any) leaves and all look very healthy.

Current Status: early September
I overwintered the potted Tabasco plant from the 1999 season, and it is doing very well; it is a bit over four feet tall, and has a span of about three feet. It lost some leaves when I first brought it indoors for good (the other potted plants lost *all* of their leaves and quickly died), but it started putting out new growth as well, and has been happy and healthy all winter long. I am keeping it under two 65 watt incandescent grow bulbs in a 10 inch diameter clay pot, and started hardening it the first week of March.

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