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Kira keeps a close eye on Blackie, Speckles, and Red.
kira_birds_041705_a.jpg: 175 kb
Kira decides that the chickens warrant closer inspection.
kira_birds_041705_b.jpg: 160 kb
Loki stalks a field full of unsuspecting sea birds.
loki_field_050105_a.jpg: 190 kb
Loki in full-on stalk mode.
loki_field_riegel.jpg: 213 kb
Loki in the sky with attitude.
loki_firepit_riegel.jpg: 289 kb
Pee Pie in her natural state.
peepie_082706_a.jpg: 189 kb
Pee Pie ponders the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.
peepie_082706_b.jpg: 129 kb

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