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Pearl Guineas, White Guineas, Coral Blue Guineas and Blue Slate Turkeys, at six weeks old.
gamebirds_062906_a_m.jpg: 161 kb
Blue Slate Turkey at six weeks old.
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birds_082706_a.jpg: 145 kb
Coral Blue Guinea at 6 weeks old.
guinea_070206_a.jpg: 108 kb
Pearl Guinea at 6 weeks old.
guinea_070206_b_m.jpg: 159 kb
Blue Slate turkey at 14 weeks old.
turkeys_082706_b.jpg: 235 kb
Blue Slate turkey at 14 weeks old.
turkeys_082706_d.jpg: 130 kb
Blue Slate turkey, roosting in a pine tree, at 14 weeks old.
turkeys_082706_e.jpg: 153 kb
Blue Slate turkey at 25 weeks old.
turkey_111906_a.jpg: 200 kb
Blue Slate turkey at 25 weeks old.
turkey_111906_b.jpg: 268 kb
Blue Slate turkeys at 25 weeks old.
turkey_111906_c.jpg: 196 kb

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