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Prototype radial chicken plucker: a pawn-shop hammer drill mounted on a free sawhorse with two bungee cords and 550 cord for the trigger. Plucker head is a 4 inch ID PVC endcap fitted with plucker fingers cut from rubber bungee cordage and mounted axially on a long piece of 3/8 inch threaded stock. Trial run was on four young roosters, immersed in 170 degree F water for 30 seconds then plucked using the bottom half of the down-turning side of the plucker; aftermath seen here.

This site is a collection of photographs of our animals and our various projects. It was built to provide an easy way for us to share these pictures with family and friends, but it also serves as a photographic history of our endeavors. Images have been divided into categories to make them easier to browse, and are generally in chronological order within categories.

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