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A Marble pepper plant at 18 weeks. 22 June 2005.
peppers_marbles_062205_a.jpg: 146 kb
Unripe peppers on a Marble pepper plant at 18 weeks. 22 June 2005.
peppers_marbles_062205_b.jpg: 145 kb
Ripe peppers on a Marble pepper plant at 21 weeks. 17 July 2005.
peppers_marbles_071705_a.jpg: 145 kb
Four pounds of fresh Thai basil.
basil_harvest_073005_b.jpg: 204 kb
A plateful of dried Tepins from That Old Tepin Plant.
tepin_tray.jpg: 178 kb
A square foot plot of Thai basil (sixteen plants) in early September.
basil_090105_a.jpg: 271 kb
A plot of lemon grass in early September.
lemongrass_090105_a.jpg: 256 kb
Plum tree 8 days into a 41 day harvest, 2008.
plum_052508_a.jpg: 338 kb
blackberries_0612.jpg: 163 kb

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