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In 2009, we stepped up our goat infrastructure in a big way by building a proper barn in our goat pasture (previous to this we used Quonset-type huts like that seen here).

The basic concept was to build a barn that straddled our east and west goat pastures, which can be separated from each other by closing a gate. The central section of the barn is wide enough to store three round bales of hay side-by-side, and is as deep as it is wide. The main doorway was designed to be wide enough to roll a round bale through. The sides of the barn are enclosed shelters for the goats, one per pasture. Each shelter has a manger and a feed trough, both of which can be filled from the middle section, and is big enough to shelter about six goats.

Construction details can be found by clicking on the individual picures below.

The outside frame of the door is formed by one-by-sixes Liquid Nailed and screwed down to the sheathing.
goatbarn_060610_d.jpg: 183 kb
The inside frame of the door is reinforced by cross-braces made from more two-by-sixes; again, they are attached with Liquid Nails and long exterior screws.
goatbarn_060610_e.jpg: 169 kb
The outside frame of the door is reinforced by a single cross-brace made from a one-by-six attached with Liquid Nails and exterior screws.  The hinges have also been attached at this point, and the door is ready to be hung.
goatbarn_060610_f.jpg: 160 kb

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