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Chickens are a key component of any homestead livestock program, and are an easy way to get started raising your own meat, with eggs as a bonus if you keep a flock of laying hens. We got started with chickens in 2004 buying limited numbers of chicks from the local feed store, then graduated to buying day-old chicks direct from hatcheries, 25 birds at a time. Today we keep a rooster and incubate our own eggs instead of buying chicks; we have the facilities to raise a run of chickens to adulthood in isolation from our main flock.

Auracanas and Leghorns from the 2006-2007 laying season.
chix_062906_b.jpg: 191 kb
Free-ranging chickens from the 2005-2006 laying season.
chix_062906_c.jpg: 213 kb
birds_082706_a.jpg: 145 kb
A Rhode Island Red hen from the 2006-2007 laying season.
chix_070206_a.jpg: 128 kb
A Golden Duckwing Welsumer rooster.
rooster_021007_a.jpg: 210 kb
A Welsumer rooster.  Photo (c) Theresa Swenson 2010.
chix_070410_a.jpg: 135 kb
Photo (c) Theresa Swenson 2010.
chix_070410_b.jpg: 135 kb
Photo (c) Theresa Swenson 2010.
chix_070410_c.jpg: 134 kb

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