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Refried Beans without the Refry

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1 onion, peeled and halved
3 c dry pinto beans, rinsed
1 jalapeno pepper, chopped
2 Tbsp minced garlic
1 Tbsp salt
1/2 Tbsp black pepper
2 Tbsp ground cumin
9 c water

Refried beans are a staple, and you can make them healthier, better and cheaper than store-bought. Stores very well in the freezer.

Combine all ingredients in a crockpot, and stir to combine. Cook covered on high for 8 hours, adding more water if necessary.

Strain beans and reserve liquid. Blend the beans with a hand-mixer (or mash with a potato masher), adding reserved liquid as needed to attain the desired consistency. Use remaining liquid as a soup base.

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This recipe last updated: 30 July 2014

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